Beach Breeze Art Journal

I just returned from a week at the beach. It was wonderful and I miss the ocean breeze already... prior to leaving, I was dreaming about the ocean and this is the spread I painted in my art journal.  Hope you like it!

I played around in my art journal, working to transform some 'clean up' pages I had. These are pages I keep on the go to clean off my paint brush while I'm doing other projects with my Dina Wakley acrylic paints- it's a pretty big mess and combination of colors and brush strokes, but a fun place to start!

I didn't get an official 'before' photo, but this is step one, I painted on my beach tones (a mix of elephant, white and lemon) and then lifted some of the color by using a semi-dry baby wipe through a stencil (this is the Dina's almost ikat stencil).  The photo shows some of the mess of colors in the bottom layer.  They are so fun as a base layer, though I typically would just do a solid color above.

I wanted to create a beach scene across my pages, so painted a blend of blues- starting with the deepest shade on the far right and working lighter towards the beach.  I used lapis, ocean, turquoise & sky and finished with some white.  Once I had my blend down, I once again lifted color through the same stencil. Once it was dry, I added some texture paste along the shore and a few waves throughout.  A few seashells I stamped and cut out finish it off... I think.  I'm not entirely sure it's complete, but I love it as is so I'm letting it rest for now. Perhaps once I've spent a few days on the beach I'll have more inspiration or a quote to add and finish it off for sure.  I'll update you if it changes :)

All this is in the Dina Wakely Mixed Media Journal- the centerfold pages!  Hope you like it!  This is almost entirely Dina Wakley products, they're so great to work with!

Clearly I was dreaming of a more Caribbean ocean than the Atlantic... unfortunately the stormy weather made for some pretty brownish looking water, but when the sky was blue I could imagine it looked like this!  

Inky hugs,