The birthday experience

I didn't intend for this card to be a birthday card, but it certainly would work!  Today is my mom's birthday (and my mother in law's too!) and while this is not the card I made her (I'll post that once she actually gets it! I'm a lot better at making the cards than actually sending them...) it is a card that makes me think of her!  

From the theme to the colors and patterns & textures... It reminds me of mom. I miss you a ton Mom!  I'm glad you have my siblings with you today to help you celebrate!  Enjoy whatever yummy cake they feed you!

Happy birthday Mom!  I love you lots!


Julie Nixon said…
Wish u were here too but know it will be great when u can come! Love u too!
Lynn K said…
Love your card - all the details are great! Sorry you are missing your Mom - hope you will see her soon!
Anita Houston said…
Gorgeous! It's perfect for a birthday! Love the vintage feel with the bright colors!