Just make ART

 Some days it's harder than others to actually create something 'good' or something I actually feel worth sharing or giving to a friend.  I've got a gift project 'on hold' because nothing I seem to come up with is good enough for the dear friend I want to send it to.  Do you ever fell that way?  I've always believed that art is the most amazing form of therapy, and now more than ever I find that to be true.  I decided to write this quote at the start of my art journal, which is my place to make art for the sake of making art- not that I need to share it with anyone, and certainly not to send it to anyone, but just to make art.  I love making cards and canvases and scrapbook pages... but sometimes an idea has to start somewhere, and sometimes that somewhere isn't very pretty, but it inspires you along the road to make something pretty! 

Anyways, that's my ramblings for today about making art... now I need to go make some more!
This page is the front page of my Dylusions art journal.  I wrote the quote with acrylic paint and sprayed Dylusions over it after it dried (for a few days, though that wasn't necessary!), blending them with water and a wide paint brush.


Julie Nixon said…
Very neat! Keep at it and have fun! From your biggest(oldest) fan!
Graphicat said…
That's so very true Tara. One of my favorite quotes is Picasso's, "inspiration Exists but it has to find you working" it's true...I'm so bad at just staring at a page and agonizing over what to do...when you really just need TO DO IT!!! An art journal can be so therapeutic and a great place to just try stuff.
I sense some melancholy from you....I hope brighter days are ahead for us both, as you know I'm struggling as well.
Keep creating! It will help!
Sarah said…
that's a great quote! I totally agree with it...just get making ;) hope all is good!
Lynn K said…
Great quote, great colors and I love that this is your first page in your journal!!