Setting up my Small Studio Space...

Spring is in the air and I'm inspired to make some good use of my new Small Studio Space... getting things hung on the wall so it feels more like my own and has happy things to inspire me as I work!  My honey hung my canvas set for me and along with it we hung this piece of paintbrush art:

 This brush was beyond repair when I got to it, hardened with paint, but since it featured such happy colours (the blue is featured on two of my Studio walls... as well as our downstairs bathroom, and the lime is our cheery kitchen!) and it matched perfectly with my Studio and the canvases... well, I decided to turn it into it's own art piece!  I dipped the brush in the paint again to get a nice chunk of colour on it, then set it aside until I figured out what to hang from it.

Unpacking boxes, I found the kraft tags with childhood photos I had assembled for our wedding.  I selected one of each of us when we were a similar age and embellished them with some washi tape and acrylic letters from my stash.  The center tag is a combination of a printed tag (that matches one I used on my canvases!) and a canvas tag which I stamped on.  I added a vintage Heidi Swapp sticker and tied them all on to the brush handle with ribbon!

Here's a photo of my Studio wall, with shelves and my new art pieces hung on display (it's straight in real life!  LOL):
I'm still figuring out how to organize this small space- quite a challenge after having a whole classroom in the store to house my supplies!  I'm looking for something to store my washi tape, but for now they look pretty stacked up on display :)  The card tree features some shower/wedding cards from my creative friends in Williams Lake... miss you all so much and wish I could get together and get inky with you!

I found my desk yesterday and inked up a bunch of tags that are waiting to be transformed into cards...  Here's hoping I'll be back soon to share them with you! 


Julie Nixon said…
How do you tick stuff on the brush?
looking good..was just thinking how much missing the three card night you used to have at the store..have no stash of cards like I used to..take care
ms.espresso said…
You're a brat mom! Lol. I see autocorrect got me again... Must edit that to TIED!