More Happy Thoughts!

I'm back with part 2 of my set of canvases for the studio! 

This is the largest of the canvases, the size is 6x8.  I used a large black tag as a focal point, and a base for this fun printed envelope which has two tags in it (pieces from our wedding, with childhood photos of Brian & myself on them!) there's not a lot of explanation needed- I added bling, flowers, and assorted embellishments, including one of the custom buttons/ flair pieces I had made for our wedding favors :)
Here's the final piece, a 4x6 canvas simply decorated with another Graphic 45 element!  As I said previously, I was going for happy thoughts with this project!

Here's a look at the set of canvas as they will hang on my wall... just as soon as I get my hands on a hammer & some nails!
I hope you enjoyed my little project!  I've got one more addition to hang on the wall... But I'll keep you waiting a bit longer!  I'm currently without power at home and will be for a few more days... Yikes!  I could have done without the experience of my first southern ice storm and all the fun that comes with it!  Guess I'll be creating during daylight hours only for a while!


Julie Sills said…
beautiful Tara!
Nancy said…
Gorgeousness---Love the colours and designing of them.
I need some of these on my walls!!