Happy New Year 2014!

Well 2013 was a pretty wild ride for me... I got engaged & married to a man that I'm crazy in love with, closed my business (a LSS I loved having!) of nearly 14 years and made the move from western Canada to the south eastern United States!  There's been many highs and plenty of lows to go with them, but overall I'm feeling incredibly blessed by God and looking forward to all the new things the coming year will bring!
I recently downloaded a devotional app called WORD and each day features a beautiful interpretation of a scripture. This one is a great reminder for a new year! I'm planning to pour my heart into my husband, my new family (including 4 step kids!) and my creative side, hopefully exploring new things and growing closer to my family and God along the way!  If all goes well, I'll even remember to blog along the way...
I apologize for the poor photos here, but I still want to share some of the canvases I made as a gift for each of the kids this Christmas. Here's two of the four that I made:
I used a similar design for all of them, but tried to customizes the colors for each one. It was a fun project that I think they all appreciated!
Here's to a creative 2014!  Hope to see you back here soon!


Sarah said…
I hope you're having a great time in your new home in the US! Love the canvasses! That camera paper is fabulous! Happy New Year!
You have had a busy year! Best wishes. Beautiful gifts!
Nancy said…
Glad I found your blog :) hope all is going well. Love your canvas'