A work in progress...

I'm hoping It won't be too long until I have anew project to share... I've finally finished painting my new studio space, and my small work space will be ready for me to create something in it soon!  I've unpacked most of the boxes in this photo... Once they are all unpacked I will share an "after" photo with you!

I'm so excited to finally have an expedit shelf from Ikea to fill with all my creative goodies!  I love that it easily holds 12x12 papers as well as albums!
I did have a bit of inspiration hit while I was painting and I added some of the same paint to a set of burlap panels I had (somehow I ended up with two the same!) 
My plan is to embellish these and add them to one of the other walls in the room that is beige :)

Anywho, that's my work in progress... I really will return to blogging and (more importantly) CREATING soon, and setting up this space is a huge step toward getting me there!  


imbighouse said…
Hi,Tara...looks amazing! It's so nice to have a space of your own! Miss you in William Lake!

Nancy said…
Love that shelf unit and the colour of your room. The burlap panels look awesome. Can't wait to see the end product :)