Why the Quiet Blog?!

Just a quick post to say SORRY for how quiet the blog has been lately... I have a few reasons I'll share with you today, working backwards...

We're very busy in the store working on downsizing our retail space to about half the current size, as we were a few years ago. Sales have been down, rent is high and much of the space holds supplies that are not for sale (classroom supplies, etc.) so we're working to condense things and make more excellent use of the smaller space.  We'll still have a classroom & crop area, it will just be a bit smaller (but we're planning on making it flexible with some moving shelf units so we can fit in larger groups, too!). We're hoping to get this done by the end of the month... yikes.

That would be easier if I wasn't flat out sick right now with a cold/flu bug... ugh.  I'm feeling pretty useless when it comes to getting work done and spending a lot of time in bed so I can get my energy back!

Previous to getting sick... I've been a little distracted! 

My BIG news is that I'm getting married to a wonderful man!
My honey made the journey to BC from North Carolina at the beginning of March and we're planning an August wedding!  I couldn't be happier, except if I didn't have to deal with being sick and downsizing the store right now ;) 

Anywho, that's why things have been so quiet here lately!  I finally got photos taken of the rest of our SOTM samples and will hopefully post them on the blog in the next few days!  There have been a few other quick projects I've done as well that I'd like to share!


Michelle B. said…
I'm so happy for you, congratulations!
Sorry your sick but CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement.