12 Tags of Christmas: Pinecones

Have you been checking out the amazing things happening with the 2011 set of Tags by Tim Holtz? So many fabulous techniques jammed into 12 days! I've also been following along with Mario on Twitter this year for his BTS (behind the scenes) look at the 12 Tags... it still amazes me that Tim creates each tag the afternoon before it goes live on his blog- Crazy!

Anywho, for the first time I'm attempting to play along with Tim! I have no expectations that I'll get all 12 done (though maybe in the new year!) but my goal is to complete 6 tags this month. I've got 3 (almost) done so far, and today I'm sharing my tag inspired (okay, almost identical to LOL) Tim's tag #1!  I created this one alongside some friends who came by the store to get inky together (we must do it again, Cheri, Carla & Sarah!) and it was a lot of fun... those fabulous pinecones are harder than they look, though ;)

Here's my finished tag:
and here's another shot, just for fun, showing off my incredibly inky fingers- one of my fave parts of playing with ink :)
Check out all the step by step details of tag 1 on Tim's blog.  His tutorials are really fabulous, with lots of step by step photos and informative videos almost every day, too!  This year Tim is also using inlinkz so people can share the tags they're creating... so cool to see what everyone else is inspired to do!


Nancy said…
Tag is beautiful Tara :) love that colour!
Nicole said…
Omg that is beautiful. It's my first time time making them too. I'm all caught up and am ready for Tag 8! Keep going looks awesome. Oh,one are going on my tree:)
Sarah said…
Those pinecones were hard to make! and to make matters worse, I just realized I lost my glue gun!! arrrggg!! And you're right, we must do that again soon! It was fun!!