{30 Day Photo Challenge} Days 6-9

I'm back with more pictures for the August 30 Day Photo Challenge! Not sure I'll ever be 'caught up' as far as sharing goes, but I'm taking them... most of the time it's even on the right day ;) I'd love to see the pictures you're taking if you're doing the challenge too... even if you're a bit behind, like me! Check out all the details here!

Day 6
- Childhood Memory (I loved to read as a child and I still do, I have fond memories of my dad reading my brother & I this book many times!)

Day 7- Something New (This sunflower was just opening up to full bloom in our front garden!)

Day 8- Technology (I feel a bit behind the times technology wise, no iPhone and my iPod is a classic... but I am addicted to Pinterest & love the technology it uses!)

Day 9- Faceless Self Portrait (I cheated a bit here and did not take this pic on day 9... but I had to have evidence that my feet did make it into a lake this summer at least once!)

... and my catch up photo:

Day 2- What I wore (My friend Elizabeth made this fabulous jewelry set, it brings a smile when I wear it!)


Nancy said…
One of my favourites--the sunflower and that Grover book was a favourite at my daycare! Great pics Tara :)