{30 Day Photo Challenge} Days 3-5

So I started a couple days late, but I'm joining in on a 30 Day Photo Challenge that I came across on Pinterest. I've shared it on our Facebook page, and have the Challenge list posted here. Sherry over at Oh So Lovely is also giving opportunity for us to link up our photos and see what other people playing along are taking photos of! So fun to see everyone's interpretations of the theme!

Anywho, I'm starting with Day 3-5 here (I'll probably post a few days at a time, since taking a daily photo is a big enough step without trying to blog them all daily too!). Somewhere along the line I'll add in days 1-2...

Day 3: Clouds (taken from my backyard)
Day 4: Favourite Colour (I love them all, and forgot to take my photo until late at night...)
Day 5: Someone I love (Tazo was my only live model this morning, but isn't he handsome?)
... and that's me, working on using my camera every day this month! Hope you'll join me! Please feel free to let me know in the comments if you are playing along, too!


Sarah said…
WOW! That picture of the clouds is amazing! I'm starting to think that I should try this challenge too...might actually make me use my camera artistically rather than just taking pictures of my boys :)