30 Day Photo Challenge {Days 10-12}

Sorry I don't have any paper creations to share with ya today! I have been busy creating things this week, but much of it needs to wait for me to share with you... and the rest I forgot to take photos of. Ooops!

I have been taking my daily photos though, so I'm back to share them! I would love to hear about it if you're doing this 30 Day challenge, too- you can even start now and go for 2 photos a day until you're caught up :)

Day 10- Something I made (I'm always photographing my cards and other creations... so I made a quick cocktail instead. ahhh.... great way to end the day!)

Day 11- Something fun (I'm not loving this photo, or the action I used on it... may have to re-take, or at least re-edit, BUT Performances in the Park are a highlight of my summers in WL! It's always fun to hear the music & watch the kids dance & play!)

Day 12- Close Up (What can I say, I love sunflowers and this one stands alone in the front yard! It's fun playing with my 'zoomy' lens, too!)


Nancy said…
Photos are awesome, I especially love the sunflower :)
Roxy said…
These are great, Tara, loooooove the sunflower! Oh, and that drink looks very yummy!!!