Ideas for Organizing (part 2)

I'm back with another great Organizing idea for STICKLES!

First, let me say that I was not aware I was quite this addicted to Stickles LOL, but I suppose it is a collaborated collection between things both mom & I have added... This idea is another inspired by a photo I saw on Pinterest- which traced back to this web page. We've kinda kicked it up a notch by purchasing more of a deluxe sign holder instead of the inexpensive acrylic ones shown in the original post.

So what we did was start with inserting an 8.5x11 sheet of black cardstock into the sign holder, then we attached strips of self adhesive black velcro (the loop part) across it. We then simply stuck pieces that were about .5" wide of velcro (the hook part) onto our bottles of stickles and stuck them on. Pretty fab, eh? We also added loop tape to the back side of the frame and have begun filling it up with more stickles... turns out we had quite a few bottles kicking around ;)
Cost to organize Stickles: about $20

Lastly, there's no real how-to for these, just photos to show you how we're organizing our TWINE spools and STAMPS!

The sugar shakers is another idea found on Pinterest, which I loved! We just need to find one more of them for our fifth spool (These are the five colours we figured we would use the most, so we have them in our Creative Studio. There are 11 colours of Twinery Twine available for purchase by the yard in the store!). It's a great way to keep them from getting tangled up and keep the end easy to find (you just have to make sure you don't cut too close to the opening!).

We're gradually working on transferring our wooden stamps from their piles & pizza boxes (a great, budget friendly way to store stamps!) into the drawers of our Best Craft Organizer. The 1" drawers are perfect for stamps and we've got projects on the go and other random items in the larger drawers (which also hold 12x12 paper). They're not fully organized yet, but I'll probably label them with vinyl cut on my Silhoeutte once we're ready for that.
Cost to organize twine: about $5


Fantastic Tara love it all. Just a hint to those that don't buy the hole spool. I have used Embroidery small spools to wind them on. I have the 2x2 from QK's that makes them but they are available at the dollar store as well. I must really go look at my stickles now and see where I could hang that idea in my room. Take Care looking forward to your next installment. Take Care
Sarah said…
I sooooo love that stickles holder! It's awesome!
Eulanda said…
WOW love all these ideas!!
scrapqueen141 said…
Love this idea, I am featuring it on the Fantabulous Cricut blog for their Quick Tip Tuesday post next week. Come check it out at