Ideas for Organizing (part 1)

It may be hard to believe when you look at the chaos that is my work space... but I *LOVE* organizing and finding the perfect storage solution! Here's a peek at some things we've been organizing lately...

First up- FLOWERS. If you're like me, you've got a rainbow of flowers ready to be the perfect match for whatever project you're doing. I was inspired by photos Tanya posted of her flowers a couple months ago, but was a bit intimidated by the price of those beautiful jars she used :) I've been on the lookout for some glass jars with a wide opening and found these cylinders at our local dollar store. They were available in 3 heights, but we chose to purchase the largest two sizes. We have 10 jars right now, but will probably add 2 more tall ones since there's room for them on our shelf :) Here's a photo of them lined up in a row, looking all pretty... and a close up of the opening, next to a Tim Holtz stamp on a Grid-block for size reference (the opening is approx 4" wide).
Cost for my jars: about $25

Next up is the project I just finished this morning, but I know people who saw me working on this were anxious to see the final product. I'm organizing my COPICS, specifically my Ciao markers. I found a photo from this post on Pinterest and was determined to do it myself!

When I decided to jump in and start collection/colouring with Copics I started with Ciao markers simply because when I looked at purchasing sets of pens it was sooo much more affordable to purchase the slightly smaller Ciao markers. 3 years later, I have around 140 Ciao markers, with a growing collection of Sketch markers keeping them company :) One thing I have loved about the Sketch pens is the numbering on the end of the pens, so I was thrilled to see someone had already gone to the trouble of making a label sheet for Ciaos and that she was sharing it with the world free of charge!

First, I followed the link to the PDF file some wonderful lady at Hop Art Studio (sorry, didn't see her name there!) has created and generously shared! I printed the ciao label sheet on my xpress it blending cardstock (which is my current fave for colouring with my Copics), then followed some of the tips from the original post.
I worked with about a dozen colours at a time, finding them on the print out (it is organized by sets). I coloured the numbers I had- being careful to colour outside the lines ;), then punched them out with a tiny circle punch (mine is 5/16") and used mini glue dots to attach them to my pens. It worked pretty slick and I'm so pleased with the result, which you see here:

Cost to label my Ciaos: around $10
(punch, gluedots & cardstock)

I'll be back tomorrow with a couple more organizational ideas... hope you're inspired by them :)


Patter Cross said…
Oh your markers turned out great! Glad you were able to use my post. :) And one note about coloring the small numbers. You can punch the circle first, adhere to your marker, then color with the brush end. Super easy, fast, and you don't have to worry about getting out of the lines because it just colors the punched part. Just takes a couple of swipes is all it takes. :) Have a blessed weekend!
wow will be doing this for use. Love the idea. Take Care
Anonymous said…
Thanks muchly Tara for getting the link out so quick and thank you to Hop Art Studio for doing the label sheet up. I spent my afternoon labelling all my Copics! Love It.
Anonymous said…
Wow! Great idea, long did it take? Really! Awesome!
Anonymous said…
What a great idea!! I think that I will have to do that! :) Looks great Tara! :)
Eulanda said…
LOVE THESE TARA!! I really should take the time to add the numbers to my Ciao markers. I'm getting use to the color of the cap now but sometimes it takes me 3 times to pull them out before I get the right one. LOL!! Also love the flower storage idea. I just don't have room to be that organized. I'm slowly working my space right out of my craft room. LOL!! I need a bigger house. hee hee!