Socks for Japan

Some of you noticed that one of the ways you can earn extra grand prize tickets at our upcoming Fiesta (yes! tickets are available- we'd love to have you join us!) is by bringing in pairs of socks to send to Japan. And if you noticed that, you've probably been wondering what is up with that!?

You can see the full details on the Socks for Japan Website, but I'll try to sum up the "why socks?" question for you here...
"All human beings are comforted by a fresh, clean pair of socks. Other advantages socks offer this operation: they’re light, their sizes are easy, they don’t break, people need lots of them in disastrous times away from home, and people can keep them forever to remember that somebody from far away cared."
We can make a small difference and brighten someone's day by doing something as simple as sending SOCKS to them. This effort is a small way that we can personally help. Socks should be new, clean and packaged in a ziploc baggie (one pair per bag). There are details on the website about including notes in your package (and we're lucky to have a customer with some Japanese skills to help us out with that- thanks Sabena!) and you can include photos or a simple handmade card as well!

See photos of sock delivery here if you need a little extra encouragement to help us out! We will be collecting socks until after our Fiesta (May 6-7) and will be packaging them to send off after that. Everyone is invited to contribute to this cause, but Fiesta attendees will earn draw tickets for every two pairs of socks they bring in!

We'll also be donating $5 from every Fiesta ticket purchased to the Red Cross for relief efforts in Japan, as well as having a 50/50 draw at the Fiesta where the winner will get 50% in store credit to spend and the other 50% will go towards either the Red Cross or will help cover postage to send our socks to Japan!

So, stop by the store to pick up your Fiesta tickets today, and then go out and buy some socks! Together, we can make a difference... and have some FUN doing it!

*UPDATE* We've been informed that they would prefer we focus on socks for adults (they've got LOTS for kids already) and that we make them COLOURFUL, not plain white, as much as possible! Happy sock shopping!


Tanya S said…
Wow this is a great idea.I think the girls and I willgo SOCK shopping this weekend.;)
Eulanda said…
This is a fabulous idea and I'm going to collect $$$ from friends and family here and send a package myself. Thanks Tara!
Anonymous said…
Hi Tara, please visit my blog, I left you an award.

This sock sending is a fantastic idea! May have to go sock shopping.........