Email Newsletter "SPAM"

Just a quick note to say THANKS to those of you who participated in our survey regarding our email newsletter. We got some helpful information and have made a few changes here, but are still trying to work out the problems!

If you ARE getting our emails but they are marked as spam, would you please report them as NOT SPAM to your email service provider? If you use telus, you can forward the message to report_notspam @ (Just removed the spaces- they're there so that address doesn't start getting a lot of spam!) Thanks!

If you are NOT getting our emails- please check your spam settings! For some reason, our emails are getting marked as spam for many of you. If your email program is set to delete spam automatically we would ask that you temporarily change those settings and mark our emails as not spam (and report them with your service provider as well).

Thanks for your help as we try to get this sorted out! In the mean time, you can view our latest newsletter online here. Have a creative day!