One Million Giraffes

I just uploaded my very own giraffes to the One Million Giraffes project online! If you haven't heard of this project, you really should go check it out! It's a fun challenge to participate in- helping a guy from Norway win a bet he made with his friend that he could collect one million giraffes by 2011. I've been enjoying following the project online this summer and decided I simply had to participate (I'm hoping to get my students involved once school starts, but the project is really moving quickly and could possibly even be over by September if it keeps going at this rate!

Last night, I decided it was my night to make a giraffe... I cut a piece of chipboard 6x8 and painted it with my Claudine Hellmuth acrylic paints (love these) in shades of yellow and orange. Then I sketched (copying a giraffe image I found, of course...) a giraffe silhouette on the back of a page from an old poetry book, cut it out and attached it with Claudine's Matte Multi-Medium. I then brushed the medium over my entire piece. Once that was dry, I brushed on some Rock Candy Distress Crackle Paint over portions of the piece. This morning, I added a bit of Corduroy Distress Ink around the edges to highlight the crackles a bit (and lets be honest... I need Distress Ink on almost every project I create!). Here's my giraffe:
... and just for fun, because we were eating cupcakes too... I made a cupcake giraffe before we ate any of them. Then, after I took the picture, I ate his head ;)
I'd LOVE to have some of you join me and participate in this project! Last I checked, there was only ONE giraffe uploaded from Williams Lake and NONE from Quesnel, 150 Mile or 100 Mile House or Prince George... let's change that, shall we? Happy Creating! You can find the simple rules for creating your giraffe here.

**EDIT** Here's a direct link to my giraffes on the One Million Giraffes website: Cut & Crackle Giraffe and Cupcake Giraffe