Summer Page Challenge- Win $50

We saw this challenge on another store's blog and LOVED the idea, so we're making a few changes and CHALLENGING YOU...

Summer is here, and with it a more relaxed schedule. Even though summer is very busy with activities, it is still important to make time to scrapbook. To help you, we are challenging you to join us in making a commitment to get one double page layout per week of summer done.

This means that every week this summer, you will sit down and create a layout. (If you know you are going away one week, then create 2 layouts the week before.) The layout doesn't have to be fancy, and if you preplan your pages, shouldn't take more than about an hour. (Of course if you want to do it fancier, that is great too).

What this means is that by the end of summer (we're giving you until the week after Labour Day), you will have at least 10 layouts created. (If you do more that is awesome! 10 is the minimum). Challenge one of your friends (or maybe your daughter) to join you, and maybe even get together every week to create the layout, making it a social event too.

Once you have completed your "Commitment Sheet" (available here in the store) and have 10 Creative Accents signatures on it, enter it to win a $50 gift certificate. There is a maximum of 3 weeks initialed in any one visit. (To allow for holidays, but to also ensure that you don't wait until the end of summer and stress out over getting 10 layouts done in one week!)

If you are one of our out of town friends, you can still participate, by emailing us a scan/photo of your layout each week to We will keep a commitment sheet on hand for you to initial off on, and we can email you a copy also for you to keep track with.

Please don't "cheat" yourself, and submit layouts you have previously done. Use this challenge to create some more layouts that will be cherished for many years to come and to get another story told. There is space on your commitment card to write down some ideas for layouts each week so you can preplan what supplies and photos you need.

FAQ (actually the answers) Yes, you can do two single page layouts instead of a double page layout. Yes you can use a kit, or class layout, or predone type layout - but it isn't finished until you have photos AND journaling on it! Yes, you can do 2 or 3 layouts in one week if you miss a week. Yes, you can create way more layouts once you get your groove going. Yes the layout can be simple or fancy - it just has to have photos and journaling. The answers are pretty much yes, as this is for YOU to help YOU get something done!

The first layout is due on Saturday, July 10... so get into your creative space and get started today!


Sarah said…
sounds like a great way to get some layouts done! count me in!!