Thursday, July 29, 2010

LIttle Buddy

Our new buddy arrived today... the Scor-Buddy, that is, and I've got to say, he's a super cute younger sibling to the Scor-Pal! He comes with a storage bag for just $20 and will fit beautifully in your tool bag for card classes & crops!
You'll notice some colourful ribbons on our Scor-Pal & Scor-Buddy... this was our brilliant idea after *ahem* losing a scor tool just days after getting our Scor-Pal. Thankfully they are replaceable (which is good, because we wear them out! This tool gets used sooo often here!), but we found if we attach a long ribbon it's much easier to find :)

We've tried various things to attach the ribbon to the tool itself, but until today it's actually just been a loose piece... then we figured out there are screws on the back of the tool, so we punched a hole in the ribbon (the small hole in your crop-a-dile!) and screwed it on there. Viola- a colourful, personalized tool! Here's a pic of the back of the Scor-Buddy and how we attached it. It works exactly the same way on the Pal.
Here's a size comparison for you- you can see the Buddy is just over 1/4 of the size of his big brother, plus he's a nice shade of pale blue instead of grey.

Some features we love- it's open edged on the right and bottom sides, which accommodates any size of card you're working with. The grooves are every 1/4" throughout, with some 1/8" grooves on the left and right sides and a couple in the middle to make tri-fold cards a breeze!
Welcome to the family little buddy... we love you already!

p.s. at this point... we have just one more tool in stock, but will hopefully have more within a week or so. Let us know if you'd like us to reserve one for you!


mrs t said...

I haven't used it yet but know I am going to love it.
compact but it's all there.

Hill Top Creations said...

Used mine this week end and it is great. (actually be sure to read the back of box) I didn't read it all has some nice additions to help with the cards. Take Care