Come Play with Us...

{try 'em before you buy 'em}
This week we've been working through something I've been neglecting for a long time... sorting through the stamp stash to see which ones we can possibly part with! What you see here is just the beginning... and let me tell ya, it's hard to let 'em go! So many of these are like old friends!

My dad was looking at the piles and he had a great idea- why not invite YOU to come and play with the stamps we're parting with! So, feel free to stop by and play with us on Saturday (tomorrow)- bring your own basic supplies, but feel free to use our stamps and create something with them! If you fall in love with any of the stamps after you've tried 'em, you're welcome to buy them! Nothing has been priced, but we'll start with prices around 50% of the original. It's just $5 to drop in, but if you spend more than $10 on our used stamps there's no charge!

We'll have table space ready and stamps out waiting to be inked up when we open at 10:30 and you can stay until we close at 5:30! Let us know if you can come.... should be fun!