OPEN this Sunday

It's time once again for the Laker's Car Show (on 3rd Avenue) and we're OPEN this Sunday for the Ladies Poker Run! This is a fun event (free to play, I believe!) for all the ladies to do while the men drool over cars... it's a great chance to check out a bunch of downtown businesses and possibly win some fantastic prizes!

So... stop by and see us on Sunday from 10am - 3pm! There will NOT BE a 'Studio Sale' happening (nobody wanted to part with their stuff!) but there WILL BE discounts in the store...

Draw a card from our "Poker Run" deck of cards and save on your entire regular priced purchase:

Ace: Save 25%

Face: Save 20%

Number: Save value + 10% (ie. 3= 13% off)

We look forward to seeing you there!

p.s. there is still time for you to join in the fun of our COLOUR CHALLENGE!