Speaking of our Design Team...

... someone really ought to slap my hand for this! After my last post, I clicked the little 'design team' tag at the bottom of the post and noticed that I completely neglected to introduce a member of our Design Team when she joined us last November (I know- horrible, right?!)!

Soo... please take a moment right now to see a few items created by the talented CHERI!
I haven't seen it in person yet (I stole these photos from Cheri's blog... I'm really not doing much to redeem myself here, am I?) but this layout has me in AWE... go ahead and count the photos on this 12x24" masterpiece... didja do it? 22 freaking photos on one layout, yet it's crisp and clean and colour coordinated! It rocks, if I may say so. I'm hoping (ahem) that it'll grace the walls of our store very soon.

Now this here card will never be on display in the store, as Cheri made it to give away to a friend... but isn't it fabulous? I love this watery shaker card and Changito looks adorable, as usual. You can read the specifics on Cheri's blog.
The next two projects can be seen in the store, and this fabulous Diary of Scrapbooking Essentials is actually an upcoming class Cheri will be teaching for us. Watch for a specific date (early April) to be posted on a class list (and in the store) soon. I love this project!
Cheri and I share a love of coffee... and a coffee stamp collection and this canvas piece of art is an awesome showcase for Cheri's collection! When you check out this project, you'll also notice that Cheri is an amazing artist- her skills with copic markers are mind blowing and it's a pleasure just to watch her create, seriously!
Cheri has a background in art and we're also looking forward to scheduling a class with her all about shading... which will be perfect for everyone using Copic Markers, as well as those of you using other coloring mediums.

I hope this gives you a taste of how lucky we are to have Cheri as part of our Seriously Creative Design Team! We're always looking forward to seeing what she'll bring us next. Welcome to the team, Cheri... know that we're happy to have ya, even if I'm four months late with my intro!


Graphicat said…
AwShucks! Thanks Tara, that was wonderful...think I might be blushing. :o) I'll be seeing you tomorrow with a new card and I'll bring my 22 pic layout for you to display as well. :o)

Thank you again, I LOVE being on the team. It's a very talented group who I learn just as much from. Thank you so much for the opportunity. :o)

Ciao Bellas. ;o)