Valentine Brainstorm

So today the grade 2/3 class I work with (my 'day' job!) had a brainstorm session for a writing assignment and it spurred all sorts of ideas for me! You've still got time to whip together some fun Valentine's and maybe this list will inspire you- think through what you've got for stamps, die cuts, stickers, embellishments & papers that would otherwise be totally non-Valentine's day items and see what you could do with them... maybe it'll spur a few ideas of your own:

Valentine, you are the

· Cream in my coffee

· Cards in an envelope

· Toys in my toy box

· Seeds in my apple

· Fruit in my pie

· Marshmallows in my hot chocolate

· Apple of my eye

· Caramel in my chocolate

· Toys in a present

· Teddies on my bed

· Chick in my egg

· Sugar in my cake

· Sugar in my candy

· Food in my lunchbox

· Treats in my lunchbox

· Meatballs on my spaghetti

· Chocolate chips in my cookie

· Chocolate in my ice cream

· Junk food in my mouth

· Earring in my ear

· Peanut butter in my sandwich

· Droid in a force field

· Blood in my body/veins

· Moisture in the air

· Boat on the ocean

· Train on a track

· Goldfish in my bowl

· Chicken in my potpie

· Flower in my garden

· Snow capped peak on my mountain

· cheese on my pizza

· pepperoni on my pizza

· ketchup on my hot dog

· butter on my popcorn

· salt on my French fries

Fun, right? Now that you're all inspired... go forth and create! (And if you need some scheduled time to create... join us at our crop on Friday night. I've got the perfect QK dies for a 'ketchup on my hot dog' card!)