Card Contest Winners!

We have loved the burst of creativity on our creativi-tree with our annual Christmas Card Contest this year! Thanks to ALL who participated- either by bringing in a card or placing your votes! Here's a peek at our creativi-tree as it is today- isn't it fun? Stop by the store this week if you'd like to take a closer look!
And now, I'm pleased to announce the winners!

In the Kids Cards category:
First: Jayden
Second: Mikaela

In the Quick & Simple Category:
First: Heather
Second: Shelley

In the Embellished & Enhanced Category:
First: Dorothy
Second: Carla
Congratulations to ALL of you! Your cards were so fabulous, we wish we could have offered even bigger prizes!

Keep a watch out for details on our first challenge of 2010 coming soon- one of our resolutions is to keep our creativi-tree loaded with inspiration from & for our customers :)


Diana Crick said…
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crazymomma said…
Congratulations to some very creative people!!