QuicKutz "L" brand teasers...

QuicKutz has been sending us teasers about the 'Next Big Thing' they'll be releasing at CHA this summer... they've been VERY vague about it, telling us it's going to 'change crafting history' You can keep watch on the countdown and see upcoming teasers here.

Here's what QK is telling us:
"No one has this, but soon you and your customers will!"

"It's time to rock n' roll..." "It's the next biggest thing to hit the world of crafting."

"Big innovation is coming home, and it won't even take up your entire craftroom!"

Hm... are ya curious? Any ideas what it might be? We have been told that whatever it is, you're gonna need to get an Epic Six tool to use it (and it's NOT die cutting). We'd love to hear your thoughts! (You can still pre-order Epic Six tools in the store- the price is now $89.99. Our first shipment will be arriving soon!)