Sweet Storage Solutions

Maybe you've seen ads for the "Best Craft Organizer" in a magazine lately... I know I've been noticing them for a while, but never looked too closely at them. Then they contacted us recently to let us know about their new storage solution for ribbon- and it looked pretty great and reasonably priced, so we placed an order! It's in stock NOW at the store- here's what you get:
Pretty great, eh?

So, as we're placing the order they mention to us that they also sell the "Best Craft Organizer" and they offer us a special deal on a demo unit to display in the store... well, this is one of those investments you don't want to make without seeing it in person so we decided to go for it! Here's the two units we got (both are in the walnut finish with black drawers):
Stop by and check them out in person- we're filling them with a sampling of products so you can visualize how they might work in your craft room at home! You can pick up a brochure/order form and bring it in to us and we will place the order with the company for you. The shelving units will then be delivered directly to your home! (The products ship from right here in BC, but the prices are in American funds.)


Love the ribbon storage. And I love the look of the blog! How much is the ribbon winder?
ms.espresso said…
The ribbon storage is 8.99 with the winder and 5.99 for a set of 2 storage thingies.
Sarah said…
aww! and here I thought you were talking about MY sweet quickutz storage solution! LOL!