my first Digi layout!

One of my goals for spring break was to finally try my hand at digital scrapbooking using Heritage Makers, an online program for creating story books. My first project was a two page 12x12 layout. Memberships to Heritage Makers are free- you can sign up quickly to try it out by following this link and following the link at the top of the page. The free membership gives you access to lots of 'basic art' to use on your projects, as well as a bunch of templates which you can download as a starting spot for your project.

I started my layout with a template I liked the arrangement of and completely changed it up from there (it started with a snow theme!). You can swap out ALL the elements of a template- including background papers, embellishments, words & text boxes... Since I have a premier membership (on sale now for just $99 US for a full year!) I have access to thousands of pieces of premier art- much of it organized in collections, just like traditional scrapbooking supplies! For this layout, I chose a collection called "Life's Canvas" and used only elements from that kit, which made it really easy to coordinate. I loved all the little pieces and words from this set and it was really easy to adjust sizes and direction of each piece to put them exactly where I wanted them!

I haven't ordered my project yet so I can share with you how long it takes to arrive, but as soon as we're done the mini storybook about Mom & Dad's trip to Cuba, we'll get that order off and share more! If you want to see the quality of the products, we do have LOTS of samples in the store from Heritage Makers.

I know that digital scrapbooking will never replace the 'hands on' stuff, but it is a great option for me when I'm on the go or want to do something creative at home (since I do all my creating at the store!). All you need is a computer with an internet connection and you can start creating- everything you need is at your disposal once you log in to your account!


Very cool digi layout and I like everything that is posted above it too! Way to go!