new stamp companies!

By popular request, we've set up an account with HANNA STAMPS and will be placing an order in the next week or so!

Please check out their website and browse through their CLEAR stamp sets, featuring "Hanna" and their WOOD-mounted stamps, featuring "Riley the Moose".

Let us know what you think of these stamp designs & if there are any you would like to special order, as we will probably just order a small selection our first time through. If you already own some Hanna Stamps, we'd love to see the stamps themselves or anything you've created with them! We love samples ;)

Another stamp company we're thinking of ordering from in the near future can be found here please let us know what you think of "Clear Dollar Stamps" designs and let us know if there are any you'd like to order!

(please keep in mind that we can order only STAMPS, not accessories, from these companies, and that prices will be slightly higher due to shipping/brokerage fees, etc.)