Christmas Card Contest!

Due to camera problems, I've been delayed posting these cards... so, we're extending voting until midnight December 27. Please email your votes to and include ONE choice for the adult cards (#1-#7) and one kids card vote (#1K or #2K). Votes will be tallied along with in store votes & winners will be announced sometime before Dec. 31!

My apologies for poor image quality, I was snapping photos quickly so I could get them posted. And now... the cards:


Mary said…
I like 1K, it was a great design and it has the spiritual essence of Christmas.

For the adults, my vote is for number 7- the overall design caught my attention, and it captures the joy of the season.

All of the cards looked wonderful!!
Sylvia said…
I am voting for number six.
I love angels and I love the colours used.