Introducing Cookie Cutter Dies by QuicKutz!

I'm SO incredibly excited about this new release from QuicKutz, our first shipment will be in the store next week! Check out the QK website for more details on this fantastic new product-- I don't want to rant about how fabulous it is yet since I haven't actually tried it *sheepish grin* but everything I've seen makes it look simply amazing and I'm so excited about it! Here's a little blurb from QK about it (and check out the photo--look how they fit on the Revolution! So cool!):

Innovative, Interchangeable, Customizable

Taste the newest flavor of die-cutting freedom
for the Revolution Tool!

New Cookie Cutter™ Dies are trimmed to just around the cutting edge of each die, which opens up a whole new world of die-cutting options!

* You get maximum flexibility and quicker crafting
* Create the exact die cuts you want—without wasting paper
* Flex your creative muscles with interchangeable, rearrangeable dies
* Affordable pricing

Try combining Cookie Cutter™ Dies with each other and all other sizes of QuicKutz dies for truly endless die-cutting possibilities!

If you need more inspiration to convince you that you NEED these fabulous products, check out the Project Idea Sheets QK released, with ideas for each new product in this release! Enjoy all the eye candy and watch for details next week on a QuicKutz Revolution special!