Tips for Ranger Paint Dabbers

We got some great tips from our sales rep, Tanis, today for using Ranger Paint Dabbers. I LOVE the concept of these babies, but must confess I am guilty of incorrect usage and have found them frustrating to use. These tips should clear things up and make them much more enjoyable to use! Please let me know how it works for ya! I plan to be replacing some of my caps and getting more mileage out of these handy tools.

-- When you first open the Dabber, take off the protective plastic cover and GENTLY press down on the sponge dabber to feel the little internal valve in the top. Feel it pump up and down.

-- When pressed down, the valve is in the open position so paint can flow through

-- Before painting with the Dabber, SHAKE DABBER THOROUGHLY

-- To paint with the Dabber, turn the bottle sponge side down and GENTLY press down onto your paper or stamp to open the valve while pressing on the sides of the bottle to squeeze the paint out into the sponge dabber… hold for approximately 30-60 seconds

-- DO NOT bang the dabber repeatedly as the valve cannot stay open long enough for the paint to flood the chamber and you can damage the valve.

-- When finished painting, wipe the Dabber sponge through a small puddle of water on your craft sheet and brush gently over a wipe or stamp cleaning pad. Replace plastic cover!

If you're reading, Tanis... thanks for the tips!


Mimi Hornberger said…
Thanks for the tips. I don't own these yet but they are on my wish list. I just can't get past the price. Argh! Does the paint on the dauber harden at all? I know you said to replace the lid but is that enough to keep the paint from hardening and ruining the sponge? TFS!
ms.espresso said…
Thanks for asking Mimi, the paint will harden on the dabber if you don't give it a wipe with a wet cloth or on your stamp cleaner (which is why I'm having to replace some of my tips). I know the price is more than your typical acryllic paint, but they really are handy to use! I LOVE that I don't have to clean brushes afterwards!
Thanks so much for the tips. I'll be lucky if I haven't ruined mine already. Sounds like I was doing it all wrong! oops
Anonymous said…
Great tips. I had been having problems with getting enough paint to flow onto the dabber. Thanks Tara and Tanis