Basic Grey Precision Cutting Mat

I was online yesterday and saw a list of features the new magnetic cutting mat by Basic Grey has... it totally made me want one for myself, but I thought I'd post them here for now, since we have a couple of these in stock at the store!

1 - The mat is magnetic - as is the ruler - so that you have reinforcement when making your cuts and your ruler and knife won't slip which gives you great PRECISION cutting. To add EXTRA re-inforcement, there are 8 magnetic tacks that are UBER strong so they can hold virtually anything in place (including our extra thick chipboard).

2 - It's measurements go beyond the 12" mark so that you can lay an entire sheet of 12x12" paper down and still see where to cut precisely.

3 - It has measurements to an 1/8" on all sides clearly marked.

4 - It's self-healing which means you can cut and cut over and over in the same place and never have any resistance to your craft blade because of an irregularity (that you sometimes get with a piece of glass) which is perfect for the funky waves that are so popular as well as the fussy cutting details.

5 - Because it's magnetic, you can build an entire layout on top of it (with the help of the tacks) and NEVER have to commit anything to glue until you have it the way you want it. (WAY cool for an indecisive chick like me!)

6 - Again because it's magnetic, you can keep said layout on the mat and hang it up in your scrap room or put it away in a cabinet if you have to clean up quickly (or don't have a designated scrap space) and when you get it back out, it's exactly as you left it.

7 - It is perfect to do all the fine detail and fussy cut titles that really can set off a layout.

8 - It is 15x15" total size!

Thanks to Kelly Goree (designer for Basic Grey) for pointing out all these awesome features! Check out some of her awesome BG layouts on 2 peas in a bucket!


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