Boxes bring smiles!

I wonder if you've noticed how much we love QucKutz here? It really is one of those things that makes us smile, I just love the results when I use it on my projects! Today brought another shipment from QuicKutz, which brings smiles to us with the fun new winter shapes (my personal fave's are the penguin & the coffee mug!) which are just so fabulous as we're facing another Canadian winter! I just know people are gonna love the hockey stick, skis, skates, touque & parka as well. There's tons of awesome samples on the QK website,which I'm sure will inspire you! We have just 3 QuicKutz tools in stock right now, and they're going fast! If you've got one on your wish list, you may want to pass that news on :)

Another box that came today held the new Photo-opoly game I mentioned a bit ago! It comes complete with all the usual 'monopoly' stuff plus templates & instructions for sizing your photos for each 'property', pre-printed & blank captions for the photos and a permanent marker & a glue pen for putting it all together! I'm putting one together for a Christmas gift- my first step is to pick 22 photos! This is a project that can be done either high or low-tech, which is great as it means anyone can put it together!