Our DISNEYLAND holiday!

I'm back from a wonderful holiday in California, and itchin' to get the prints I've ordered of our photos back so I can start scrappin' them! I've had to do a couple simple digital pages (which I'm working on learning so I can make better use of my Photoshop software!)to showcase a couple photos in the meantime, but it'll be really nice to be able to do some REAL projects with them!

Yes-- we took LOTS of photos! Three of us had cameras with us, so we had the good sense to take turns bringing our cameras with us. This way we have LOTS of photos with out duplicates!

It was a great trip, the train ride was nice & relaxing, but LONG (6 hours longer than scheduled- which meant we arrived at around 4am!), but still, a nice way to travel and keep us from getting too exhausted. Here's a summary of our trip:
Days 1-2: train ride from Seattle to Los Angeles (bus connections on either end)
Days 3-5: California Adventure Park & Disneyland. Highlights were the water rides (great on a hot day), Dining in Ariel's Grotto (pictures of Joy with ALL the princesses!) and watching the Aladdin musical production.
Day 6: we intended to do Universal Studios, but we opted for a 'day off' which involved shopping at Downtown Disney, lunch at House of Blues, more shopping, drinks & dessert at the Rainforest cafe, more shopping... and a relaxing evening with a friend of mine from college, who we stayed with for the rest of the trip.
Day 7: Sea World San Diego. Highlights were seeing Joy feed & touch the dolphins and the nighttime Shamu show "House of Douse"
Day 8: Sleep in & hang out at Hunnington beach (I brought home some California sand for a stamping project I'll probably be teaching in August!), shopping at Target & a Mexican dinner.
Days 9-10: train ride home!

We had a fabulous time (and bought some fabulous souvenirs!) and can honestly say there wasn't a bad day the whole trip! Now I have to get back in the groove of things here and send out an update e-mail with news on all the new products that arrived while I was away- some great SUMMER stuff!