google someone

Have you ever been at the point I'm at right now? Beyond tired, but still awake, surfing online for nothing in particular... so you decide to google someone you know & see if they're online? I tried a few friends and family members and didn't find much (if anything) that was actually about them-- I did find out that a lot of those other people with the same name as them have some things in common with them, though. Interesting!

So I decided I should google myself, too... just to see what comes up. I've been doing stuff online for quite a few years now, so it's interesting to see how readily available it all is! Well, I found quite a lot about other people with my name and a few pages into my search... I found ME! Well, I found some cards I've made posted on a few different web sites. That's good enough for me, though! If I'm going to have 'world wide fame' why not be famous for some things I've created, right?

How about you, what do you find when you google yourself? Anything that surprises you? I hope it's all good :)