Summer POST Challenge

I challenge you this summer to please post a comment on our blog on any post after this one through the summer... I love to see who has been to visit us!

If you're one of our customers and you've got a stamping/scrapbooking related blog- POST & share a link with us!

If you bought some product in our store recently and are having fun creating with it- POST and tell us about it!

If you saw a sample in our store and you want to see a photo of it on the blog- POST and let us know!

If this is your first time visiting our blog- POST and let us know how you found out about us!

We'd LOVE to hear from you... and I'd love to randomly pick some people who post over the summer and send them some goodies ;)

Hope to hear from you soon! I'll be back later today with a list of classes available in the store this summer!


Christine D said…
Hey Ladies! I just wanted to let you know that I love checking out your web site. Just to see what is new!! Thanks for everything!!!