SMASH* book photos (take 1)

I was a little slower than some to get started on the SMASH* trend, but I gotta say it's fun! While it won't replace my scrapbook or card making, it's a fun creative outlet and it's perfect for all those bits I tend to keep as mementos... tickets, hotel room coasters, menus...  Here's some pages I put together with some of those 'bits' from our trip in January to attend CHA! 
This page features a little accordion book I made with some of the extra photos (all of these were taken with my iPhone... so not so great for the scrapbook, but perfect to SMASH* with!).  I used Tissue Tape to adhere them all together & folded them accordion style, as you see here:
I'd love to see what you've been SMASH*ing! Yes- SMASH* products are available in the store... we're pretty low on stock right now, but honestly, you can put almost anything into these books :) Have fun and use up your stash while you SMASH* (I pulled out a pile of old Basic Grey alpha stickers for these pages!)

p.s. There's a fun SMASH* blog hop going on that I learned about on the SMASH*aholics Facebook group I'm a part of!  The blog hop starts HERE and there's some adorable SMASH* themed digi stamps to be won!


Roxy said…
I think I already said it but I'll say it again, these are FABULOUS!!! And you're right, they are a great way to put away all those little snippets of life! I think I need a SMASH band to keep my book closed, it's starting to look like a fan!!!
Eulanda said…
Oh these are great!! Ya, you were a bit hesitant weren't you? LOL!! I like them for what you said photo's from your phone and they don't have to be super focused or perfect. I got a Polaroid instant printer for xmas that prints only 3" x 4" and is meant for exactly this. I can even slip it in my purse and then send wireless from my phone. And the less steps I have to take to getting something into a book the better. LOL!! I have also discovered a new use for all those out of date scrapbook bits and pieces that were never used. YAY!!
Anonymous said…
Great idea Tara!! I love your smash book. I was looking at them but haven't been convinced yet to make one! I figured that it would be great for teenagers!! I love how you have your autographs in there!! Perfect! :) You just might have convinced me that I need to make one of these!!